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5 Greek Movies with British Subtitles You May Discover on YouTube

Greek cinema features an extended record, and interested readers have a wide variety of options to suit their tastes. From the upbeat musicals of the’60s and’70s and the cult films of the the’80s (the VHS era) to the neo-noir shows, Angelopoulos’poetic cinema, and the movies of the Greek Weird Wave, Greek cinema may not be as well-known internationally. In contrast, the movie industries of other Mediterranean nations have significantly more than their fair share of intriguing films that have established popularity with Greek readers over the years.

Because of the British subtitling available on YouTube, now you can enter a number of the finest Greek shows of the last quarter-century from any of your press devices. Below is a listing that features road-trip humor, a kill puzzle, a romantic crisis, and two shows that toss mild on 20th-century Greek records; these films can help you understand a bit more about Greeks and Greece through the stories they present. Appreciate!


In 1998, the movie director and screenwriter Stavros Tsiolis (1937-2019) built the movie “Allow Girls Wait” (“As Perimenoun oi Gynaikes”). Categorized as a “summertime Macedonian humor,” it was the next principal director’s “Women” trilogy that began with “Please, Girls, Do not Cry” and could later conclude with “Girls Who Passed My Way.” The 1998 movie takes place in your community around Volvi River and the Sithonia peninsula of Halkidiki. Two middle-aged guys who’ve collection down on a journey to the island of Thassos meet a lady who changes their lives. The plan might appear a little too simple, and indeed, when the film arrived, it was a box-office bomb.

But, the philosophical and amusing dialogue referencing the rivalry between Athens and Thessaloniki, the clever comments on the political and running events of the the’90s and the sections within the country, the soundtrack of Greek “turbo-folk” music, and the ridiculously routine world of the film’s protagonists were all appreciated by an audience of millennials decades later. In 2015, the film had tens of thousands of opinions on YouTube, and its best minutes turned into memes that can be however popular today.


The movie “Cheap Smokes” (“Ftina Tsigara”) presents the unconventional side of Athens at the turn of the millennium. A contemporary free soul flirts with a lady he’s just achieved in a phone unit in an empty Athens, under the full moon of a warm June night. Through their relationship, the director Renos Haralampidis efforts to find creativity in the city’s open roads, tiny cafés, and graffiti-scrawled underpasses and conveys this poetic side of Athens through his lens and in his script. That film, too, was not successful when first released. However, it found its audience in 2015. Since then, this has been a summer must at open-air movies and private tests on terraces and balconies.


3 The movie “Christmas Tango” (“To Tangko load Xristougennon”) that has been released in 2011 is based on the novel of the same name by the prolific writer Yannis Xanthoulis. During the time of the Junta in an army camp on the Greek-Turkish border, “Christmas Tango” considers concepts of love and the courage it requires to approach a spiritual love interest. The rigid Colonel, his frustrated wife, an alone lieutenant, and an introverted conscript all try to look for what they desire through dance. It is a simple, romantic crisis frequently available on Greek TV schedules over the Christmas period.


Pantelis Voulgaris’filmography covers facets of Greek history, including the exile of Communist prisoners, the fate of weight practitioners grabbed during the German Occupation, and the planet of mail-order brides 20 years earlier. He looks at urban living in Athens and at the troubles of rural communities through movie changes from anthologies, theatrical shows, and books. One of his actual newest shows was created in 2013 when he adapted Ioanna Karystiani’s book, “Little Britain (Mikra Anglia)&rdquo.

Collection at the start of the 20th century on the prosperous island of Andros, an area famous for its shipbrokers and ocean captains, this period crisis is an unbelievable account of missing love. The film also considers the connection between the island ladies and targets the sisters of a well-to-do family. The flawless working shows and its unique cinematography intrigued readers, and it was published by Greece to the 87th Academy Awards for concern as the Most readily useful Foreign Film.


Greece does not have much history in the crime style, even though Yannis Maris’crime books would make an excellent source for a detective movie series. In 2016, Sotiris Tsafoulias guided the crime movie “The Different Me” (“Eteros Ego”). In an incident involving Pythagoras’notion of amicable numbers, a criminologist is named in to help significantly examine some killings in the Greek capital.

Soon after the premiere, Tsafoulias withdrew the movie from the flow, as suspicions arose that the kill of a cab driver might in some manner be connected to the film, especially following a spectator at a Q&A program with the director that followed an assessment of the job asked some strange questions. Two years later, Tsafoulias released his movie on YouTube, and, since that time, over 5.8 million persons have observed it. After its outstanding achievement, two mini-series sequels followed, and you can find rumors that the next of the will undoubtedly be available on the Netflix software as well.

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